Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter to my 20-year old self

(I saw where Bizzy did this and had to emulate her.)

Dear Krissy,
You've been making noises and failed attempts to run away from home. The junior year in Boston you bagged out on. Next summer you are going to apply to camp jobs all over the United States but your mom is going to guilt you into staying home and planning a wedding attended by 500 of their closest friends. Run! He's a nice guy but it doesn't work out. Run! Save everyone time, money, lawyers, and pain. Run!

Your biggest regret will be you've never lit out and lived in a huge city. You visit places like NYC and Chicago and walk around gape-mouthed because of the unending waves of opportunity and coolness. Get your diploma and head out to DC, Boston, San Francisco, just go.

And, quit worrying that you are fat. Right now, you are not fat. One day, you will know fat and you will look back on pictures of yourself and go, "dammit, I've never worn a bikini in my life."

Along those lines, that self-esteem thing. It comes from you. Not from boys. Just sayin. You take a long time to figure this out. "Man-free in '93" to be exact. You can save a lot of heartache if you work on this now.
You will always devour books, make people laugh, work hard to keep your opinions to yourself, be able to keep other people's secrets, and adore shoe and clothes shopping (and buying).

As for that liberal arts education. Still a great idea. The ceramics, anthropology, women's studies, and tons of English classes helped shape who you are today. I'm glad you didn't have to endure four years with only two electives or something horrible like that.

Career advice - always go the extra step. No matter what job or task. No one wants to tell someone exactly what to do and have them only do exactly what is told. Figure out how to add value without being asked. It makes a difference, and you don't stay in crappy jobs long because of it. You will have to take crappy jobs, however, but they make for great stories later.

Buy stock in Apple.